(🔐) Tristebacio Club is an art duo started in 2021 by two longtime friends both born in 1999 on the banks of lake Ceresio, in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland.


Tel. Nicola: + 41 76 323 69 94
Tel. Manuele:+ 41 77 532 00 62


2023La Regionale, Villa Ciani, Lugano.
2023Suite en Sous Sol, Palazzo Bronzo, Genova, Italy.
2023A Tristebacio Love Story, Lokal–int, Biel–Bienne.
2023Foreverr, group show, CoCo, Como, Italy.
2023Tropical Dreams (part 2), Zentral Wäscherei, Zürich.
2023Tropical Dreams, Display, Parma, Italy.
2023Forever Flowers, Balabiot Museum, Lugano (curating).
2022TrustFall, group show, Toni Areal, Zürich.
2022Sky is the Limit, Maglio del Malcantone, Aranno.
2021Toi Toi, offsite, Molino Nuovo, Lugano (curating).
2021Ketchup Napalm, Pizzagate, Locarno.
2021Screensaver, group show, LangstrasseKultur, Zürich.
2020Still Toys, Spazio Morel, Lugano.


2024ZETT Magazine (issue 16), article by Eva Voegli.
2023 2023 | Tropical Dreams, (online).
2023 2023 | Tropical Dreams, Kuba Paris (online).
2022Sky’s the Limit, 36 pages book, Edizioni Tam-Tam.
2022Vision Mag (#3), 8 pages article by Riccardo Lisi.
2021L’Osservatore, article by Dalmazio Ambrosioni.


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Tristebacio Club: Manuele Rezzonico & Nicola Martinelli.

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Live Forever

Live forever is a site-specific installation created for Palazzo Bronzo in Genova. The installation is a contemporary reinterpretation of the gate of heaven that symbolically embodies the paranoia of this era.

size5.66 x 2.50 x 0.02m
materialswood, metal, fence paint.
at○ Palazzo Bronzo, Genova, Italy.
○ Madonna D'Arla, Lugano, Switzerland.

1. installation view at Palazzo Bronzo, Genova.

2. installation view at Palazzo Bronzo, Genova.

3. third and fourth door.

4. installation view in Madonna D'Arla, Lugano (sunset view).

5. installation view in Madonna D'Arla, Lugano (detail).

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A Tristebacio Love

"Le stelle più vicine erano i tuoi occhi"; both thunderstruck in the same period by a breakup with our first love, we vented our emotions by hand-weaving a large rug portraying the extreme intensity of unconditional love.

size 1.95 x 3 m
materials100% italian wool, cotton.
atLokal–int, Bienne, Switzerland.


1. installation view (perspective).

2. carpet (top view)

3. thinking about you...

4. "I" (zoom in).

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Sky's the Limit

Sky’s the Limit is an installation of 421 hand-printed tiles depicting cars–cows tuned and modified with the video game “Need For Speed: Heat.”

The project was made in collaboration with Stefano Molo.

size7.5 x 5m (tile: 30 x 30cm)
materialstiles, silicon, epoxy, photo transfer, ink.
at○ Maglio Del Manlcantone, Lugano, Switzerland.
○ CoCo, Via ai Mulini 8, Como, Italy.
○ Villa Ciani, Lugano, Switzerland.
publicationsSky's the Limit, 36 pages book, Tam–Tam Edizioni.

1. installation view (right) at Villa Ciani.

2. installation view (top) at Villa Ciani.

3. on the left: installation view (zoom in). on the right: 8 of the 16 tiles design.


4. "Sky's the limit", 36 pages book publication for the show at Maglio Del Malcantone, Tam–Tam Edizioni.

5. zoom in (Lamborghini Aventador LP750–4).

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Tropical Dreams

Tropical Dreams is a fountain made up of 1252 tiles which distributes water with the aroma of young coconut. The installation, inspired by the packaging designs of some tropical juices, takes shape from the tropical dream that Tristebacio Club lives every day in ethnic mini-markets.

size1.80 x 2.20 x 3.10m
materialsstyrofoam, PVC, pump, epoxy, PLA, water, coconut flavor, sticker.
at○ Spazio Display, Parma, Italy.
○ Zentral Wäscherai, Zürich, Switzerland.
publications○ (online).
○ (online).

1. installation view at Zentral Wäscherai, Zürich.

2. installation view (frontal) at Spazio Display, Parma.

3. on the left: installation view Spazio Display, Parma. on the right: corner (zoom in).

4. installation view (right) at Spazio Display, Parma.

5. installation view (left) at Spazio Display, Parma.

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Are You The Coolest
In Town?

Are You The Coolest In Town?

“Are you the coolest in town?”; after answering some questions about self–motivation on our sky and flames iPad holder, the users recived an unexpected letter in their own mailbox with a proper personalized certificate that awarded them of the title of the coolest in town! Who has never felt small and incapable when faced with a certain situation or person?
In any field or situation, we often find ourselves thinking that the people operating in that area are too cool compared to us and that it is better to let go of what we are doing because we will never get to such a level. We firmly believe that everyone, if they believe in it and apply themselves fully, can become as cool (or even more) as their idols, since no one is a superhero and the only superpower you can have is to believe in yourself.

sizebox: 1 x 0.3 x 0.3m.
letters: A4 (21 x 29.7cm).
materialsiPad, App, wood, sticker, letters, paper.
atToni Areal, Zürich, Switzerland.

1. interactive installation at Toni Areal, Zürich.

2. self motivation questions.

3. Tristebacio has recived your data and is elaborating the information.

4. personalized certificate and letter are sent to your mailbox.

5. hanging certificate.

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Forever Young

During the 2020 lock down we asked 5 kids from different parts of Europe to lend us a piece of their creativity by drawing for us. Inspired by Exquisite Corpse, a common children’s game where different styles are combined into a single piece of paper, we asked some guys to draw a part of a monster. With the drawings we received back we gave birth to two international monsters that have been printed on a limited edition of 25 beautiful scarves.

size 19 x 155 cm
materialsmixed wool, cotton.
editions○ First edition: Black
○ Second edition: Lightgrey
statusout of stock

1. first edition.

2. second edition.

3. postal correspondence.

4. assembling the drawings.

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Toi Toi

Toi Toi is a pop-up and offsite exhibition in 3 chemical toilets specially placed outside some surviving spaces of the Lugano cultural scene. Since the city of Lugano does not want alternative and cultural spaces to persist, we chose as location for the exhibition the only remaining place where freedom is guaranteed.
The exhibition is curated by Tristebacio Club and features the participation of 5 local artists.

with○ Stefano Molo
○ Nicola Martinelli
○ Manuele Rezzonico
○ Gloria Tomasini
○ Daniel Drabek
at○ Bar Tra, via Castausio 3, Lugano.
○ Spazio Morel, via Adamini 4, Lugano.
○ Studio Foce, via Foce 1, Lugano.
supported byProHelvetia, fondazione svizzera per la cultura.

1. Bar Tra

2. Spazio Morel

3. Studio Foce


4. "Toi Toi", exhibition book (8 pages).







11. on the left: vinyl adhesive. on the right: Toi Toi poster.

12. Twilight Toi Toi.

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